Gangotri Alliance

Welcome to the world of GANGOTRI Alliance

GANGOTRI Alliance Program is an innovative scheme with the objective to present an interesting opportunity to you to earn handsome monetary rewards by promoting our international quality homes.

What is GANGOTRI Alliance?

  • It is a rewarding programme for any person who will like to associate with us and sell our GANGOTRIGROUP’S homes for a commission. These participants will be trained about our projects and will receive tips on how to sell.

Who could be a GANGOTRI GROUP’S Associate?

  • Self-employed professionals – Lawyers, Doctors, CA’s, Insurance agents etc.
  • Retired professionals with wide referral network
  • Working professionals who would like to supplement their salary income

How does it work?

  • Register your intent in participating GANGOTRI Alliance program
  • Formalize- Sign a simple one page agreement
  • Get trained on products and process for 2 weeks and shadow some of the best sales talent
  • Get access to Sales and Marketing kit and reach out to prospective customers
  • Register your leads & references


What is in it for them?

  • They get a commission of 1% on every plot /houses, they sell. And there is no cap to the money they can make. So the more they sell the more money they will be able to make.

For more details, visit our kiosk or call us on 9987389809 or write to us at