Home Selection Criteria

  1. Location of the Project

While selecting the ideal home, you need to keep the following factors in mind-proximity to the main roads, bus stops, railway lines, transportation services, civic & recreational amenities like educational institutions, park, police station, temples, community hall, hospitals, and auditorium within reach?

  1. Affordability

Does the location fit your budget?

  1. Place of employment

How much is the distance of your office from the desired location?

  1. Market area

Is there a market nearby?

  1. Education

Where is the nearest school?

  1. Public transport Facilities

Is public transport easily accessible from the location?

  1. Developer

Does the real-estate developer have good reputation in the market?

  1. Accessibility to water and electricity

Is there steady supply of both?


  1. Hospital/ Medical services

Are medical facilities easily near the project?

  1. Monthly Society maintenance

Is the monthly society maintenance a strain on your budget?

  1. Safety and Security

Is the security systems in place, like a professional guard or electronic?

  1. Self constructed property (SCP)

SCP is when, you buy a plot of land and construct your property there. Though you Might like that, banks don’t. As, not all banks may fund such a project?