Research conducted on kitchens in the southeast locations shows that occupants of such house are prosperous. The best place for a kitchen is the southeast portion of the house, followed by the northwest. Avoid having the kitchen in the south west corner. The health of female members gets affected if the kitchen is in the southwest.


The bathroom should be located in the northwest or west region. Overhead water tanks can be placed on the roof in the southwest direction. Underground water tanks are beneficial if located in the northeast direction.


It is said that a storeroom in the northwest corner leads to abundant supply of essential commodities.


The central area, which is called “Brahmasthan” should be free from any kind of obstructions like pillars, staircase, wall etc.


Images or statues in the house also have a significant impact on the residents. Pictures depicting war scenes or paintings of sorrow, struggle, violence, tragedy or calamities have no place in the house or office.


The study room should be located in the east, northeast or east section of the house.  Students should face the east or north direction while studying. Vibrant colours like yellow, blue, orange or violet should be used more in such rooms. A student may not be able to concentrate if the study room is located at the southwest or south area.


The master bedroom should be in southwest corner to enable the head of the family to guide the family’s fortunes wisely. This bedroom is one of the three most important locations in the house, the others being the main entrance, and the kitchen. We spend approximately a third of our lives in this room. Hence, if we sleep in a good spot facing a good direction, then it is most likely that we would be subject to substantial amounts of positive power to prosper.

The bed should be placed in such a way as to ensure maximum open space in the north and the east. The head of a person when sleeping should always be on east or south. It should never be in the north, as this cause bad luck.

Using the right colour can make your bedroom so warm, so dramatic, that it becomes your interior garden.

If you want to create an atmosphere that is soothing yet energizing, consider pink, light shades of yellow or blue.   Integrate all of these colours into your design or focus on shades of one or two of them. Black or any such dark colours should be avoided. Also avoid colours that make your heart race, like purple and red.

If you have a computer in your bedroom, move it to another room or at least into the living room.

Remove the stress and worry of your work from the place where your focus should be relaxing and sleeping.